About Me

Abdulla Alhashmi

Is an Emirati Portrait Photographer who masters controlling the lights and shadows. Abdulla is a Fujifilm X-Photographer (ambassador) representing in UAE. Photography was his hobby and entertainment but as he became an expert in lighting, he is doing Freelancing photo-shoots and conducing different workshops. He believe's that photography is about using both the technical skills and tools to create your vision and get the photo that you visualize. Photography has opened his eyes to see the world in different view were colors, lights and streets life became an interesting part in his life.

Why Portrait

I believe Portrait is where you reach people heart. Either it's a studio, on location or street portrait. It's a big responsibility to reach people's heart by taking photo's to show the best out of the person you are shooting. During my photography career, I always felt proud when the people I shoot put my photos on the their social profiles. 

Portrait Photography is a passion, hobby and spiritual feeling when you touch the heart of the person you shooting.

Short Bio Video

( https://youtu.be/9pc9aPWU_ic )

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